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シルビア トラッパ展/デイリードリームス Silvia Trappa/Daily Dreams 会期:2014年10月11日(土)ー2015年5月31日(日) 会場:アトリエムラ ギャラリー〈東京〉 開館時間:13:00〜17:00 休館日:月・火・水・祝

artist profile

Silvia Trappa was born in Orzinuovi in 1986,
she lives and works in Brescia.


2008 Graduate in Sculpture (I. Level) at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara
International University Exchange at Tokyo Zokei University
Graduate in Sculpture ( II. Level) at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara

■main solo exhibitions

2014 Time Lapse Alma Voadora, Porto Portugal
2013 Silvia Trappa at EspacioCicero, Soncino
2011 Another place, Atelier DondolandoArte, Martignana Po, Cremona
2009 Silvia Trappa, Chiostro San Francesco, Arcevia, Ancona

■main group exhibitions

2013 Zooart 2013, Cuneo
Futatsu! ,Pimp Studio, Tokyo Japan

Q3 4, Cittadella della Cultura, Crema
Cortilissima2012, Arena San Filippo, Torino
777 Aspettos, Yumikoubou Ichiuroko, Tamashima, Japan

Art Expo, Arezzo
VI Biennale di Soncino Rocca Sforzesca, Soncino (Cremona)
7Stanze in cerca d'Autore Polironiano Museum, San Benedetto Po (Mantova)
Padiglione Italia Regione Lombardia,54. Biennalle di Venezia, Palazzo Te Mantova
Drawing Connections, Siena Art Institute, Siena

Zokei10, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo Japan
ParadiZoo, Atelier-Mura Cafè, Sapporo Japan
Museum of Ceramic, Montelupo, Firenze


2014 selected at Premio Pio Alferano, Castellabate
2009 First Prize at the International Sculpture Award Edgardo Mannucci, Arcevia (Ancona).

■art residencies

Ichiuroko Art in residence, Tamashima Okayama Japan
2013 Ichiuroko Art in residence, Tamashima Okayama Japan



Silvia Trappa works about daily life, looking for some kind of people than lives our time in a different way, like children, old and borderline.
Her characters are like crystallized, stopped in the wait but there is a motion inside, they are alive.
They are out of time and just the time has eaten their shapes and colors making them dreamlike seems like memories..
In the latest works she focus her attention on the economy world; new series called Bestie quotidiane developed between drawing and sculpture, it consist in some different characters wearing animal masks.
The concept is to play with the word “daily” and its different meanings, looking how our daily life is affected by external factors, so far from us, such as the stock market.
The symbolism of the animal mask is historically used to express the most primal aspects of the human soul.
This masks are made by paper, using page of Sole 24ore (italian financial newspaper) dedicated to stock and bonds.

about silvia trappa

A theme that run after over these last works in which the artist tells moments of ordinary existence, gaps of life focused an recomposed as in a time lapse.
It's even an half that a double life the one you can see in Silvia Trappa's art, sculpture and drawing, so close and so far, moved by the same input: the story of lives watched under a magnifying glass, sifted from a observant eye and hungry about recollection, lives, sensations, habits and memories.
A trip on two parallel tracks, on the background that keep the figures tied down to reality: iron for the sculptures, the black ink-stains and the press clippings collected around the world for the drawings. It's exactly in these ones that you find a particular attention for the sign, definite and marked, clean like pitch on the spotless.
In sparks then an explosion of colours but fairy delineated and dosed like an alms tore to the white paper. In the last works there's a new evolution: figures are static but live a revolution, an exterior change dictated from the wish of growing up and transforming. The theme of game often return to remember the shining of time that goes away, trusty mate of that house of cards that existence is.

Valentina Gandossi